Dragongirl-test by Mirandaleigh

Dragongirl-test by

Date: 5/31/2009 Views: 40067 Favorites: 334 Comments: 28


Doodled in a new program and slapped some ink and tones on it to test it out. =p Just testing the software, not looking for crits.


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Wow, regardless of what you were intending to do, this is amazing. Love her expressions and I love the choice of TF. This would look great if you did a sequence series on it.


to be honest, i think this looks awesome


Mir uses New Program! It's super effective! Critical Hit!


I'd loved to see more of these cleaned up images(by which I mean not sketchy).




i think the program works


Nice inks and tones. :)


I agree, I'm loving your inked and cleaned work...To be honest it gets rather hard at times to figure out what's going on in the sketches, and I know that if I could tell what the images wer more about, I'd love them even more...But this, this is really nice! At first I thought she was turning into a goat or something, lol, but then I realized it wasn't right and the ears were waaaaay too long...A dragon huh, cool! Not enough female to dragon TFs...I'd like to see this played out. ((I adore her expressions, she seems so worried by this, as if there's a deeper meaning to the TF then we know...))


Love the look of it, and I'd love to see more of this tf.


Liking it. Definitely sonething I'd like to see continued.


I do tons of stuff like this on my shop - this, like i said, was basically a BLARGH on canvas with some tones. I usually hate tones, as most programs screw them up badly when you resize for the web. This program isn't too bad - more testing is needed.


It's awesome and clean but loads kinda slow, alas. To make tones come through, make sure your resize dithering is set to scatter not pattern as pattern/tone will create artifacts if the image has artifacts (jpg) or print ziptones already in it.


Really kollio! i like ur comic style! If only actual people could turn into animals! I would like to


I like her look.


What, nobody's asked yet which software it is? Oh PLEASE PLEASE tell. :)


great pic miranda, best tf test pic ive seen


manga studio ex 4. Not sure if i like it or not... but i have everything else so.. why not give it whirl?


I like the face in the bottom-right; it's the face I make whenever I see such incredible art from you, Mir! Excellent job shading it.


I use Manga studio 4 myself (Debut, I can't afford Ex being a student and all). Its a great program, consider getting "Manga Studio For Dummies" (yes, there is one). Its worth it to learn about all the features.


I've had older Manga studio's. They were awful. This one's a considerable upgrade, but it's configured awful. Oh well.


This one amazing...and if you want something really hard to use...try GIMP! Is an awesome program all right... but ....


Have you ever tried PaintTool SAI? It's all the rage, and for good reason.


i have sai. It's ok. It's like a retarded OC3 - but it has a drawing stabilizer. Basically SAI makes you appear to draw better than you do. It makes a shitty artist a good artist, and a good artist a great artist. I think that's bullshit - I'm not going to play off my skill with a program that makes me 'suck' less. Anyway, I still use OC4 for almost everything. Sai's fun to fuck around in, and Mangastudio 4 is eh.


nice....it looks great


I really like that facial expression in the bottm right pannel, youve outdone yourself once again ML this is a great piece


Well than,you're a great artist,so what would Sai make you?


SAI makes me better. Falsely so. I don't want to think my inking has improved in leaps and bounds, when it's just being auto-corrected by a drawing program. That's like having a player piano.


Nice picture. Great Analogy.