crystal by Mirandaleigh

crystal by

Date: 7/17/2009 Views: 12561 Favorites: 15 Comments: 8


He's turning into a crystal formation. He didn't survive the process. Too bad, he was pretty.


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This is interesting in a erie way. Its like something from a Hell Raiser movie only more thoughtful and less obnoxiously gory.


Ever seen command and conquer, tiberium wars? This is like straight out of the trailer. Creepy as shit too.


cis - i liked the IDEA of the hellraiser films (i one point i owned them all... but then I realized they were kind of awful. In a good, bad awful sort of way.) So yeah. I totally see it. =D bend - never seen the trailer - never played tiberium. just 3. I still suck at anything that isn't starcraft that's a rts. *sucks* =3


Don't know what one would call "survival" in a case like that anyway. Unless he was either still mobile, or psychic.


I'm guessing he's dead =P


Does a disembodied mind count as "alive"? If that crystal formation is made of semiconductors...


To bad for him that semiconductors are grown on crystial rather than made from them. :(


That's some kind of intriguing middle ground between poetic and graphic. Very moving, in a way.