Mermaided? by Nakitacat

Mermaided? by

Date: 3/9/2012 Views: 18818 Favorites: 167 Comments: 13

Cursed Location

Going for a swim has never been so rewarding :3


I'm not as happy with this one. ¯\(°_o)/¯


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You have a nice interesting style. Refreshingly unique than most TF artworks!


lovely artwork :O! ^^ you are doing a greet job there ;) keep up the good work. :D


the fusing of the legs are looking pretty awsome


I'm no fan of legs tranformacones tails. but this case ways very well done.




Wow, you got a lot of things right with this one. For one, it really feels like the girl is underwater. It's odd, but most underwater mermaid shots look like a land shot with a blue tint, but the way the girl is tilted in the frame, and how the light seems to cascade down, going from a radiant shine to a dull navy gives a sense of floating in the middle of the sea. The hair floating away in every which direction is particularly nice. I love the expression, and the way her face is slightly purple; it's like she's choking for air in her amazement. I have a few critsisms: her left hand seems to be in an awkward position, like she's bending her wrist to the point where it should hurt. Also the scene transitions abruptly from bright to blue, and you can see a hard line on her foreleg where the transition takes place. It would look nicer if you gradually varied the tone so to make the light wrap around her leg more.


That's probably why it's not working as well as my preliminaries, Thanks so much, Vetro. <3


I agree with vetro on this, good pic, small problems. overall: I`d love to see a sequence starting from here, your style is different (and good) enough to warrant that!


The colors are awesome, (like vetro said) but I think you mean the implied pose didn't come out quite as well as you intended... Subtle things can really push it. Maybe have more influence of color where you have the sticky-lines, to follow her contours and lead the eye to that point?


nice art work


This is actually quite nice, Nakita!!


LOVE seeing more work from you, hun. = )


Lovely work on the face.