New Toy Line by Nickwolf

New Toy Line by

Date: 4/14/2008 Views: 25523 Favorites: 98 Comments: 7

Crocodile and Alligator

Done for RedXIII. This kinda started as an idea, that grew and grew, and many sketches later became this. Theres alot going on, but theres transformation...see...SEE!? The origional version was VERY brightly colored. I've chosen to mute em' just a tad as a revision, just so you don't hurt yourself if you look at it for too long.


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Hey! Thats real clever! Ha ha! And the Tf actualy looks good! ...Wow...once you see whats happening, its quite facinating! Love it!


Wow this is a sweet TF, original idea (and to a scalie, well toy scalie but still ^..^)


quite... strange...


cool i didint get it at first but now i do. Whats that tentacle thingy?


I love it


Even I have to admit this one to be one of my alltime faves


xXxguyxXx : it's like the tail of a cartoon word baloon, this squiggly one showing you the inside TF of the character.