Werehand Skecht by Okamaru

Werehand Skecht by

Date: 10/23/2012 Views: 3391 Favorites: 9 Comments: 7


random sketch of a the person transforming POV of their hand, still don't know what to do with the empty space though =/


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no need to do anything with the empty space. the hand is pretty!


That depends. Is the subject looking up at the night sky or at the earth?


i wasn't sure when i did it. i was messing around in photoshop while working on a storyboard and liked how it turned out so i didn't really put much thought into it.


Reflection in water or a mirror, perhaps?


okamaru I do like this, though. It's something I'd want to see fleshed out a little more. Hell, I'd even want to work with it.


K-Libra if you want to go for it, with all the help you given critiques and help you given me. it's also always nice to see other people's take on things ^^


okamaru Oh, really? Ok, sure. If you don't do anything with this, I'll screw around with it sometime. Many thanks for giving me permission for such a thing.