The official story: my mom used to drink picklejuice, and now I do! Sip, don't gulp. It's good with sandwiches, and it helps if you really like pickles, like me.


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Open for new commissions

Current commission load: http://www.editgrid.com/user/picklejuice/Current_Commissions

Terms of Service:

I do not currently have a "list of things I will not do," but I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. I can provide tentative deadlines if requested. However, if I find my muse is uninterested, I reserve the right to end the commission at any time.

Refunds will be 100% of work left undone. If you paid $30 for Cell shaded, and the commission ended at the inking stage, your refund will be $10, the difference between inking and cell shaded costs.

Payment should be 1/2 up front, then 1/2 at the end when you're happy with the pictures. Streaming commissions are full price up front.

Corrections will be available at each stage of the commission - sketch, ink, color, shade. However, I limit this to 1 complete redraw and 2 minor corrections only.