JD-Panda-Shocked by PickleJuice

JD-Panda-Shocked by

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Cursed Location
Panda Bear

Walking through the zoo, JD looked around and realized he was lost. He glimpsed a panda in the tree nearby - no fence! He was in the panda display!

For a while he was happy! He approached the pandas, and they were friendly and gentle, letting JD pet them.

Then, JD felt fur growing on his belly. He looked for a door out of the display.

Then, he felt fur growing on his right foot. He still couldn't find a door or anything to get out.

Then, he felt himself start to change, getting chubbier around the belly and face. He found the edge of the display. People were watching the pandas. JD hid behind a bush, trying to think of a way to get over the trough at the edge of the display.

Then, he felt fur growing on his face. His ears changed into panda ears. He reached up with his human hands and felt the fur as it grew on his face and ears. The pandas approached him, watching as he became more and more panda-like.

Then, he felt the fur grow along his left arm. He sat down and watch as his fingers fatten, grow claws, and become a fully panda arm.

JD then looked around. He was surrounded by pandas. They seemed very friendly, just like before. JD was a little scared, but that was slowly fading away.

The fur spread over the rest of his face, hands, and feet. He turned into a full panda. He smiled and joined the other pandas as they ate bamboo in the display.

Did a livestream last night. 4 1 hour slots. This was the last one of the night, and it wound up being deluxe color! Story included free of charge at random.

Please commission me!


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He won't mind it come mating season. XD


Pandas actually have extremely low sexual drive they hardly ever 'do it'. not to mention the period in which they actually can do it is only a few hours. Sucks for them :( the world needs more pandas. if only TF could happen, we could solve so many problems..


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that. I'm not an expert. :(