Walt-Dragon by PickleJuice

Walt-Dragon by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

It started off innocently enough. Walter bought a dragon costume online, and a few weeks later it showed up.

He was very excited to try it on, so he changed clothes into the costume, and set up a camera to take his picture with the costume on.

Soon Walt realized the costume was moving over his skin, bunching up and attaching to his skin all over. He struggled a little in surprise, and fell down on his newly scaly butt.

Looking down, he realized that his wide hips he'd been turned into a girl, as well as a dragon!

Blinking her new purple eyes and smiling, she waved to the camera she'd set up to take a picture of the new costume.


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This is so cute!


i love the story


Is He/She even aware he might have taken a nude pic? Or is is still a costume.