fox-infection by Rae

fox-infection by

Date: 4/26/2009 Views: 20572 Favorites: 244 Comments: 18

Ripped Clothing

A woman discovers the fox infection is surprisingly fast acting! Here I continue my trip down transformation cliches with some good old-fashioned clothes bursting. In addition, I'm trying out some new shading techniques that I may or may not use in the future. Also new foot structures... but mostly just the fun of Fox TFs. Also, thanks everybody for the kind welcome and positive comments.


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Very nice, and very cute! I like the simple toony look, it works well for you.


Foxifications? Yes pls.


Very nice your style ish gewd.


Ahhh toony sounds: flomp, puff and paff good times....... Nice work! :P


I do not assume your a jerk. It is a very silly rule =) Keep up the awsome work


AWESOME!!!I love your artistic style keep up the great work!


Wait, "Bloomp"? Fox-people have super boobs? Awesome!


I like it a great deal. Ain't nothin' wrong with foxes or foxy TFs. Keep 'em coming!


"Bloomp" and variants there-of is one of my favourite sound effects. It's a shame I don't get to use them more.


Love the feet and the ears. Clothes suggestion: If her boobs are so big as to be bursting her shirt open, make the rest of the shirt as tight too. Makes it look like all the fabric is stretched taught.


I tried to make the area to the sides of the chest look taught, but you're right, the loose bottom kind of ruins that illusion. If she's bursting at the top then it should have been a tigher shirt in the first place... oh well, learning for next time.


i like the new feet and i like how you didint over do it with the shading. PS, this is my first comment


Ah, it's not bad I think. Good job there, Rae, you've got some potential.


I don't know why, but there's something modestly kangaroo-like about this one, when I look at it at the thumbnail of it. I can't put a finger on it. Anyhow, she looks like she's about to pop. =3


It is a very good cartoony TF, and i think people who need to pratice cartoony TF drawing should see this first ;D >=3




i love how she looks at her feet xD wish i had those paws . . .


i like it