HOT DAWG (TFTG) by ReddishMaroon


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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

gosh darn it son, that ain't a piece a jewellery that would well with your attire


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i dont go for transgenders i think its just plain wrong but i love the look on her or...his? face... i guess?


corrupted whats wrong about it?

cause some peoples in real life does get that gender change scincetificly though

and it would b a her since he is now a she


i think its wrong i do not support it at all the same with gay marriage i hate that two its wrong it should a man and woman not man and man or woman and woman it directly against my beliefs haven't you been to church?


Hey, even if you don't support it, that doesn't affect you at all

and something look god is supposed to create you and well he did so then calm down


Everyone has their beliefs. Best not to fight over them.

Nonetheless, I'd have loved to see how this would have progressed myself.


and tectinecly its just the appearance genectly the said person is still male or female so they change only their looks not their true gender your argument is invalid


now if all the was spelled correctly


But I suppose changing species is just fine. Hee hee.


Corrupted is a troll. There's no freakin' way.


Gender is more than a person's physical body, it's mental too. People don't change their gender in real life, they change their body to match the gender they identify as. Now, involuntary TG TF's in works of fiction tend to be a different story :)


^^ This. Thank you IronPhoenix :)


Corrupted: Gender is a societal construct. Sex is a chromosomal/hormonal thing. Most of the times, sex and gender assignment match up. But, sometimes, they don't. And sometimes the sex chromosomes goof up, too. There's nothing "wrong" or unnatural about any of that. It's just a thing that happens, and people to whom it happens cope as best they can.

As for two consenting adults who love each other enough to want to share their lives together? Why not? Love is good. It's kind of a central tenet of Christianity, if I remember correctly...

You're free to disagree with it, as is your church, but yours are religious beliefs. They should have *no* role in the laws of the state. You know about the separation of church and state, right? The state doesn't get to dictate religion. And a given religion is not bound to recognize a given marriage within its church. This... I shouldn't have to even explain this. Haven't you been to school?

Okay, rant off...


I wouldn't say that sex chromosomes "goof up", it all has to do with a person's preferences and character.


(Uff, most of the *time*. Rant really off now. Srsly.)

Anyway, I love this picture. Personally I love same gender as much as I do trans, but that's just me. I'm in it for the species changes. XD And the color palette you used for this just... really makes it, I think.

Well, that and the facial expressions. Heh. :p


I Love the TF


What happened to transfur


Rcoon, it just attracted a strange fellow who wants a massage and a dictionary. The internet is a strange place.


why would someone put on a necklace and say "what the heck is this supposed to do?" IT'S A NECKLACE! YOU WEAR IT!


people just need to calm down. corrupted made an opinion and people fired back with theres. and no one is a troll here. we just all need to get along.


Angry Tiger i hate to say but i was a troll for awhile i haven't done it in like two years so nothing to worry about hopefully...


and now that i have read my hate mail be thankful i am REALLY holding my tongue back


Corrupted clearly has autism. You masturbate to animals, you have no input on any of the bullshit you're spouting.


Everyone in this argument is a fucking retard.

Troll successful.


I am done fuck all of you


Actually, the biggest idiot of all is the one who says "Everyone is equally wrong."


have any off you thought maybe your deeply hurting me or maybe he has depression or anything like that anyone??? I am hurt a little am I depressed no am I done with site and sites alike your damn right I came on this site for three things curiosity, boredom, and maybe inspiration for new story ideas since I am trying to write a book but now thanks for nothing assholes go fuck yourselves


jezz I didn't know my sister being suicide watch wasn't enough my week sucks more now thanks! :D


Corrupted. Look. I'm not trying to be mean. I live with depression, too, and anxiety, and I doubt we're alone in that around here.

But have you thought that, maybe, you're deeply hurting other people here who may have gender identity issues? Have you thought that maybe some people live vicariously through gender transformation stories, or are inspired by them? You don't come off as very loving. Really, you come off as hateful. You claim, I think, to be a Christian, but you aren't acting it. You don't have to agree with transgender imagery, or same-sex marriage. But at the same time, neither of those things really affects how you live your life. It is unnecessary to foist religious beliefs on others. The loving thing here would be to keep them within your own church community.

Please do not expect other people to respond to hate in a positive way. When a "Christian" starts the smiting, should we be expected to turn the other cheek?


I don't live with depression why did it sound like up there? if so sorry I don't proof read when doing stuff like this. but any yes I have and I would love to help people like that to find the right path in life and why dose it have to come down to this when because I said I don't agree with transgender or same sex marriage? and I know I don't seem to be one because you have any seen my pissed off goanna kill mood I just want to get this over with


I don't want to piss people off hell I hate bring people down when they don't deserve it the last time I blew up I ending losing sleep over it and then once asleep it was in my dream but in this case your pissed off because I said one opinion and you blew up on me some in a way you brought it on yourselves and yes I agree some of the stuff I said was poorly thought out immature and make me look like I mentally challenged dick so can we burry the hatchet


I think the hatchets been burried.


Never had a hatchet out to begin with. Sorry if it seemed like it. The church comment rubbed me the wrong way. (The one with the hatchet is the church. Just saying. Swords into plowshares time now.)

But... yeah. Hatchets burried.

(Man that escalated quickly.)


good and sorry for what I said I tend to loose my head when pissed and thinking goes out the window


Sorry if I came off as mean myself, I was just trying to be informative.


Aww heck!!

corrupted i certainly don't feel folk were intentionally trying to be aggressive at you in particular!! As Canton has put in a delightful way, certain folk may feel particularly strongly about the situation of gender that you brought up. I wouldn't take these particular retaliations as attacks on you, but rather questionings, and validation of their own point of belief. As I'm sure you're aware;(and which is previously mentioned between the separation between the state and the church) there are a great deal of interpretation on belief, and each persons opinion can be observed as valid as the other! (I certainly have a great belief in gender as a social construct and feel strongly that the individual has every right to choose and adjust their gender to which they feel comfortable at their own decision.)

haha look at me writing a serious reply for once in my life. WHAT DO YA KNOW.



this is an artist page not a place for your answer and views just admire the picture and go on from there


this is an artist page not a place for your beliefs and views just admire the picture and go on from there.


Why is this even going on for this long? Let it die, comment on the art. It's done.

I think this artist has potential as I think this work is pretty damn expressive and I would like to see this one grow.


Good job on the art I love it