Commission: The Evening Commute by Rex_equinox

Commission: The Evening Commute by

Date: 8/13/2015 Views: 16161 Favorites: 50 Comments: 7

Ripped Clothing

For teryxc


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I've just noticed that your art is amazing, and that you uploaded 2 impressive sequences in full at sort of the same time. I just wanna say that I've noticed that sequences get much more love and attention when updated slowly (1 frame every 1-2 weeks). It's just something you could try.

1. It keeps your sequence on the front page in the list.

2. People keep coming back to see if you've updated. (^views)

3. Your art is amazing.


Sorry I meant you've uploaded 3* just now


Rex equinox already has a pretty big rep over on furaffinity to be honest and she always posts sequences in bulk when they're completed (from what i've seen).

Plus I don't want to be "that guy" but it's a bit of a dick move to post 1 image to a completed comic a week just for the sake of views.


Now that's the way I'd wish to get to office every day!


seems a scene from leo & satan o3o (in algebra aversion) :D but come to work like that is just a boss way c: (like a boss)


The power of the image on the bottom of page two - so beautiful and sexy!


Is that Abi I spy in the first panel of the first page? X3