No More Harm No More Pain by Samarline

No More Harm No More Pain by

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Second Skin

Baldhead make an abrupt inhumane scream, then fell on his side. He instinctively pulled his own now fully formed tail to himself in and curled around himself. He started to sob, tears running down his now scaly cheeks. The pain was unbearable at this point. God, he wished he just died already! Not because of the pain, he was suffering long before this surreal sudden change. The physical pain he was going through was nothing in comparison to harm he was causing to all people he murdered. He became a monster and seems like finally the doctor was getting a punishment he deserved. Baldhead looked at his now reducing hands. He moved shortening fingers for the last time and smiled bitterly. No, death was just an easy way for him to quit. He deserved to watch how his body was becoming a limbless icon of a betrayal. His hands were for threating, saving people and yet he used them to take all those innocent lives away. He deserved every bit of this.

As his hands finally reduced to nothing, a painful spasm ran through his entire body, making him twitch and hissing. Baldhead felt how his face was now pushing, taking a shape of a shake’s flat head and his entire frame was stretching into a long living scaly ribbon, rebuilding the remained human bones into reptile’s skeleton.

Doctor felt that he was fainting, succumbing to comforting unconscious darkness as his transformation was finished.

At least he was happy about one thing: there finally will be no harm and no pain.

Faust/Dr. Baldhead (c) Guilty Gear/ Daisuke Ishiwatari

Art (c) Samarline