Halloween Magic: Beach Cutie by Robertge

Halloween Magic: Beach Cutie by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

The human male sighed as he sat at the beach alone. It seemed everyone else seemed to be more interested in someone else. Someone like the lifeguard, or someone with huge muscles, or even the people playing softball. He wished he could stand out more and make people flock to him instead. Maybe then hed have a better time at the beach. Thats when the genie appeared and smiled. "I overheard that you wanted a wish?" He then began to explain the rules. Excited, the human male, Medik, smiled wide and said "Sure! I wish that I could satnd out more! I wish I could get everyones attention!" The genie grinned and snapped his fingers. In a instant, Medik gasped as he began to grow taller. He smiled to himself before groaning over in half pain, half pleasure. His hands and feet have started to gain fur, and it was quickly spreading. As it creeped its way up to his stomach, Medik began to notice changes. His hips were wider, his legs more slender, and as time progressed, his chest even began to become sensitive and expand into two huge breasts. She gasped loudly, her clothes not able to fit her anymore, began to tak life and change into something more fitting for her form. She looked over herself, the new female jackal exploring her new swimsuit and other attributes. As she looked up from her body, she was soon getting hit on by every strong male around on the beach. This wasnt the attention she had wished for.


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I have a wish so I need to find this genie.


I concur


You sure you want to find that Genie? His wishes seems to be dangerous to the vague.