The Most Wonderful Gift by SeaCigar

The Most Wonderful Gift by

Date: 9/25/2011 Views: 18454 Favorites: 103 Comments: 8

Ripped Clothing

Hoy there, this is a gift image given to me by the inesteemable Shiro. It entails a magic gift from an enchanted swan's egg. Frankly, I don't think this picture is realistic at all... If this were happening to me I'd be crying in joy, and not nearly so worried about a little wardrobe shredding;)

I considered whether a gift image was proper to present on the site, and decided to do so on two primary factors. One, I believe the quality of the image was good enough to be presentable given current standards in the site (I think shiro is a part of the site anyway, but I could be mistaken)

The other reason I considered sharing this, was that swan transformations are relatively rare, in particular the "lycanthrope" style of transformation; IE shredding clothes, un-symmetrical, chaotic growth of body parts, etc. Many swan tfs are more "elegant" in nature.

If I had to pick a favorite aspect of this image, I would have to point out the way the "wrist" of the wing is forcing its way through the seams... all in all the "rippage" of the piece is well done. Not a bad transformation in a more bright, colorful, cartoon or anime like style.


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Looks great, but are those wings growing out of his back, too?


it's not really a wrist wing, it's just the plumage around his forearms is a little... well fluffier :P


Really great image! Got a pond full of swan near our house, and this swan looks awesome.


Yay bird anthros. :D


PPS: Stop looking at me, Swan!


Tffreak: Yeah, when I mentioned the "wrist" of the wing in my description, I was talking about the ones on his back. The feathers around the wrist on the "true" arms are just extra pronounced and fluffy; not a detail I have had on my swan form before, but one that I really like (and might adopt in the future:) )

Wentao1Hao: You live close to swans? Lucky! :D


*laughs at HeartlessAngel, then proceeds to stare with those soulless, beady little eyes....*


You remind me of the score or so of large geese that objected to a cross country meet that ran right by their pond, Sea.