bunpawtfseq by SeaCigar

bunpawtfseq by

Date: 2/19/2008 Views: 6318 Favorites: 14 Comments: 1


This is just a nice little quickie from a never-completed rabbit transformation sequence ( I just couldnt get her stretching muzzle right... some days it just doesnt work, you know?) but I think I did a great job having her paws grow, so I thought it would be okay to post. I'm a huge pawslut: one aspect of transformation I love is the aspect of human dexterity and finesse mixed with animalistic power, endurance, speed, etc. I think hybrid paws (hooves, talons, etc.) are rather symbolic of that merge.


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would love to see you finish the sequence. Would also like to see how you did/or would do the legs and hind paws.Nice work.