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Alright. I felt, after seeing miranda leighs and Bleuski's linework regarding similar topics, that a re-ink is in order. I'm putting this up as a "placeholder"... the ink detail will be about twice as fine, include "during" tf subimages, and work on building details to the carapace using the thinner linework.


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My main function is taking an unusual look at some ways to handle the alien mixing of human and insect anatomy. spiders often move with six legs, using their remining two to feel ahead, as well as pull the spider forward. I also wanted to hybridize the 8-limbed spider setup with human 4 limbed anatomy. the result has the two legs and two arms splitting into four and four, respectively. More detail showing how this creature gained its odd anatomy in the sequence subshots I'm setting up soon, hands, feet, face, and such. OI!!! LISTEN UP! Don't be shy, and let me know what you think, including things that might make it look better. *blushes* thats it. I'm embarrassed having so little to show here after several years but... meh, circumstances. I hope to atone soon;)


oh, and yes, I am a text-wall master.:p though when they said "a picture is worth a thousand words" I don't think they were thinking about the artist's reaction.... *shrug*


Text wall? Eh... Yeah, but sometimes a "picture" is just an indecipherable blob, and the "artist" then uses a wall of text to attempt (and most often fail) to justify it. THANKFULLY... that scenario doesn't apply to this or anything else on this sight. That said, this is delightfully creepy, and, only since you asked, I think perhaps the face could use some reimagining. More distinction between the mandibles and palps would perhaps lend more leverage to expression.


*nods* thats a start, got it in my head, thanks:)


Glad to see ya around on Transfur!


I approve of the many limbs :3


Looking forward to seeing the finished result. ^^


:D thanks Bleuski, everyone. I'll try my best.


I really like it, but if his remainings of a human are supposed to be more than a torso , I d suggest, as above, to change his face (the four split to eight is interesting and logical, but I didn't see this as a leftover of human build before reading Your comment). I like his claws on hands but if he's not supposed to be a full beast I'd make them splittable into three or more digits.