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Date: 3/19/2008 Views: 5876 Favorites: 23 Comments: 8

I've been off the radar for awile and I have several projects I have yet to finish. Sorry about that. But I was bored and had a pile of unfinished stuff to throw up here. And as to my sequence? That is in progress.


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*ponders* is it a dragon? I think so. you'll have to pardon my confusion: its a crisp picture for a quicky, with nice, clean anatomy, but the build of the body and muzzle made me think it was a dragon at first, until I saw the thick tail. I wonder also, what is making this item "adult oriented" that I had to sign in to view it. nudity sure, disturbingly realistic (I'm thinking sort of like gryfs, or ranzabs). regardless, I think I like it: whatever she is becoming (I'm assuming its a she based on the fullness of the lips: theres no sign of distinguishing genetalia, and the anatomy is warped by the transformation.) *smiles* call it a quirk of mine, but I'm long winded when it comes to "critiquing" a picture:)


hmmm dont know either why its in the mature content section, doesn't say it on my setting menu.


Nice! It's good to see you posting again. I've missed your work and look forward to more! :)


I'm so happy to see you back :3


erm, I *still* think it's a dragon, thick tail and all. This is damn good for a quicky, and I'd like to see it finished. BTW, is this openCanvas?


Wow, it's good to see you back, SentR! Just went through your gallery again, we've missed ya! And that pic is lovely! =)


Thank You! This place always makes me feel welcome. Chrontius, what do you mean by opencanvas?


Very nice sketch. I think it's a dragon transformation as well. I guess we won't know for sure until SentR tells us. I like it. Hope it gets made into a full colored drawing.