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Naga by

Date: 7/6/2010 Views: 13969 Favorites: 64 Comments: 2


Another request from DA, Here is sukinaga 's request. Again it wasnt overly specified as to what he wanted the character to look like besides turning into a naga. So I did what I could given the upper half of the body doesnt really change. Made his features a lil more snakelike and did the fusing legs thing. Gave him a pet boa cause it looked cool and I felt like these pictures should involve a trigger every now n then. Yes he his nude but I figure I'll go by the wookie rule, fur or scales covering the area means its not really nekkid. Tried turning him into a cobra style snake but the flaps just looked weird. So I gave him a rattle to shakey shakey.


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Very interesting concept, with the legs almost stitching together, and with the forehead... huh. Definitely original.


naga please