Knarksopps by Silverhyena

Knarksopps by

Date: 10/8/2008 Views: 19787 Favorites: 34 Comments: 10

Mad Scientist

Well, I think Dr. Knarks has learned a valueble leson. Don't make nasty, angry, drooling hyena men that are bigger and stronger then you. I think these guys would like nothing better then to tear off the face beneith the gas mask. Opps, better luck next time, doctor...


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poor knarks


Well, he's the one who turned these people into mean, nasty hyenas in the first place. He sort of brought it upon himself.


knarksinator. im scared. but intrigued


The final form is really cute.


Awww, but they're cute yenas. Though I can't blame them for being annoyed (less for the form, then for the forced nature of such >.> ). Granted, they could always be angry at the apparent lack of female yenas they'd need to make a proper pack....


i dunno, for a doctor knarks is a tank. i think he might be able to take em'


Thank you very much! Yes, Nasher has learned to stay away from the exparements. Uh-uh, Knarks just went off to go get some women, I think he heard you talking about female hyenas. As for Knarks taking on three hyenas that are bigger the he is...six to one, half dozen or the other...O_O


this Dr. Knarks character cant get away with these atrocities forever. somebody draw a picture where he gets his comeuppance


I really like this piece! Nice concept, and there's quite a bit of detail here. Very cool. :)