ShowerChange by SolidAsp

ShowerChange by

Date: 8/11/2005 Views: 23328 Favorites: 88 Comments: 4


This a funny pic I thought of wile I was doing ideas for the Anthrow Con. it was a pencil drawing I would work on in between prints. I figurd I'd finish it and try some new things out in painter. And no there no story behind it its just a goffy image I drew for me wich I dont get to do much.hope you like.


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I love it! Your art is so unique, ASP, it rocks. I enjoy how his arms and legs have changed, but his torso still remains. Excellent job!


I like how the feet's thumb work as dewclaws shaping =)


If that would happen if you showered, I would do it, but I've never showered so I don't know.


dude this is one of my favorite posts in the last good week