KUMAChange by SolidAsp

KUMAChange by

Date: 8/14/2007 Views: 22963 Favorites: 105 Comments: 9


This is a little something I did For Kuma last night.


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You and Kuma have to be the best here. <3 I hope to be as good as you guys some day.


Damn good


Incredibly awesome! This is probably the best bear transformation pic I've ever seen. Inspires me to try to join the fray. I might give it a shot.


YAY for bear transformations!


This is definitely one of the best bear transformations I have ever seen. I adore the way he stares at his paw, noting the claws and the fur that spreads across them. And the way his toes stick out, each clawed and furred as well, relative sizes well on their way to ursinity. Thne of course we note that his legs have already altered their proportions, and his gut is truly bearish already! Lest we forget the most salient feature, his face sports a clearly growing muzzle, eyes shrinking back into the visage of a wonderful bear. Marvellous!! Definitely one of my favorites!


Changling body language adds much to TF art, I would enjoy seeing more of this bear!


Poor guy doesn't know what to make of it. Nice one. :)


the change is really making him sweat, ALOT!