Lucy Coyote TF by Sonicspirit

Lucy Coyote TF by

Date: 10/11/2014 Views: 11876 Favorites: 58 Comments: 3


HAVE A TF! So this is a TF of my character Lucy into a coyote. But it doesn't look like a coyote? SHUT UP, I SAID IT'S A COYOTE, IT'S A COYOTE.

Lucy's a shapshifter tied to the spirit of the world through a magic teleporting well thing. Heh, I really gotta get on writing out and developing this story. But, in the meantime, have a fun TF! Did I mention she's pretty much an eternal twelve-year-old? Cuz she totally is!


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good work

the snout n tails a bit off from the picture i looked at

but yes i can see it being a coyote

but hey ill state this

you did a shit ton better then any of my dog drawing (does a stick figure dog)


Heh! I can absolutely see her saying, "PLAY?!" at the very bottom.


Kinda' looks like a dingo to me.