The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding by Sonicspirit

The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding by

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Gender Change - Female to Male

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Monday, March 19, 2018 - 10:38 PM

Ooooh...Title page, awwwww yeah. Heh, not sure what else to say about this that isn't spoilers or misleading hype. Um, I'm in background hell again? It kinda sucks here. Aww shit, I was planning on getting the one I was working on done tonight. Well, that didn't happen. Ah well. I'm not staying up to crank it out tonight.

I guess that's a thing I can talk about! I'm working on creating backgrounds as re-usable assets more. And building re-usable assets into my backgrounds. So stuff like the Fancy Man's car, or this set by the river? Totally re-usable. Basically, this means some pages are slow crawls of building background assets (background hell), and others are super-smooth things where I drop in the pre-built assets and get to focus on drawing characters! All depends on the location. So like, the first scene in this issue? Originally, I didn't have a well-defined location for it, but it was heavily related to later scenes that do have an important location. There was no reason not to set it in that location, and doing so meant I have more time to build a wider set of assets for it. Also, it's way more visually interesting than the boring office I was originally envisioning. So that's neat!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 8:20 PM

Awwwwww man! I am so excited to finally being inside the actual story! This scene, though! Dude, just...Shine wearing a dress? This imagery of Shine wearing that dress is the entire reason I started writing the script fo this comic. It just opened up a pile of avenues for some half-baked story concepts I'd been kicking around and helped them all coalesce into this amazing pile of I don't even know. But whatever it is, there's a lot of it, and it all got kicked into gear by Shine in a purple and pink dress. That really kinda looks like a robe on him. Ah well. I don't care!

So yeah, we did a bit of a time skip. Time skips are useful when you need to skip time. I had considered trying to write the whole process of how we got to this point, but...I would've drowned in that heavy suffocating process. Better to neatly hop over to the part where the story actually starts happening, and address relevant scenes later in flashbacks, because no one said you have to tell a story in a completely linear fashion. We won't be jumping around a ton. None, in this issue, but it's a thing that will probably occur. So strap in!

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 9:44 PM


Heh, production on this page started with a massive cascade of re-structuring my page thumbnails, cuz I decided to move the "I'm not sure..." from the beginning of this page to the end of the last one. And that caused a whole chain reaction. And then Easter happened, and I was doomed!

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 11:16 PM

C'mon, Steel! Back him up! Of course he doesn't want to wear the stupid dress! Geez, you sure find this funny, Liz!

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:32 AM

Wait, there's a play? What play!? Why wasn't I informed! I thought they were just putting him in a dress for their health!

Poor Liz, being a vet's hard enough without joint pain. Or your mate--sorry, Steel, wife, getting snarky with your clients. Oh, also he's a unicorn. That's neat.

BLOCKING WITH HEIGHT DISPARITIES IS A FUN TIME. I mean, Shine's about two feet tall at the withers. He ain't big.

I feel like arguing about proper word choice is a Big Thing between Shine and Steel, and I'm not sure I have that properly portrayed. Well, I'll hafta figure that out.

Friday, April 26, 2018 - 7:04 AM

*snerk!* Ahh, this page. I spent an embarrassing amount of time giggling like an idiot when I wrote this joke. And then being worried it was too risque. Then saying, "Fuck it, I'm not actually showing balls," and went on with it anyway.

In case it's unclear: Shine's a transguy. When he transformed into an alicorn, his physical sex aligned with his internal gender. So yeah! That's the gender thing. ^_^ Sorry, I haven't talked with anyone about this scene, so I'm not sure what questions people will have, other than "Whaaaaaat? What!?" And that's...a biiig question!

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 5:52 PM

I maaay have fallen off the side of the planet there for a bit. WHOOPS.

Heh, these jokes may be a bit obscure, but whatever I guess! Have a page and stuff. Guess I blew my load on the previous page's balls joke, couldn't get through the mounting block jokes!

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 10:36 PM

Oh hey, we exist again! I got a bit side-tracked from working on this comic this summer because hey, summer. Heh, we don't get a ton of actually nice weather up her in northern Illinois, so I gotta take what I can get. So, between trail running, swimming, and working on my big crazy animation project (that kinda didn't get any love at the beginning of the year, when New Normal was actually updating weekly), time working on New Normal's been limited. Soooo yeah.

So, New Normal doesn't have the same level of priority as it did way back in February, but it ain't dead. Not sure what the new update schedule will be, basically I currently have times in the day that are New Normal time, times that are for IDM or It Doesn't Matter, the big stupid animation project I've been working on, and times that are "Sonic needs to go for a run, or he will die," times. Also "Sonic wants to start a fuckin' Equine massage business, oh gods why!" times. Which are of course, the most likely times during which I've been working on New Normal, since dedicating time to a comic like this is a great way of avoiding the big scary thing I want to do, but am scared of. Because it is scary. What can I say, I'm predictable in how I handle (or don't handle) things that scare me or make me uncomfortable, avoidance is the name of the game. So that's fun!

Buuuut, right! This page! For those who don't know hooves do grow continuously, the concern isn't he'll wear his hooves down to nothing forever or nothing, the concern is that it's a sign of wear-and-tear on his body that could have more permanent ramifications, since, yanno, his growth plates aren't closed yet. Heh, Liz'll mention that next page...whenever it happens!

Man, that bottom montage of doom, though. it was kinda a pain in the ass to figure out, and I kinda lazed out on in ultimately, in the name actually getting the page done. Whee. Soooo, kinda doesn't come up immediately, like in this scene at all, but Shine's job is delivering car parts. Relevant part is that it's physically challenging, so that's what I wanted to demonstrate in the montage of doom, but yanno, given webcomic format, and that I'm not sure how long until I post the next page, might as well state that here and now.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 8:04 PM

Woo hoo, growth plates!

I'm tentatively gonna say that the new update schedule is gonna be the first of the month. We'll try this out. I really like playing with this comic, but I also have other projects I really want to work on that somewhat take precedence.

EDIT: Whoops! I didn't realize that growth plates are apparently semi-obscure? Growth plates are soft areas at the ends of the bones of kids and any young animal, and they're where the growing happens. Injuries or fractures in those areas can potentially permanently fuck shit up, and that can be acute (i.e. "I fell and broke my arm") or chronic (i.e. repetitive stress) injuries.

It's pretty hilarious that people were confused by this, because I wrote that line to expand on Liz's objections to Shine's job. Wasn't actually that clear, apparently!


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is that Edna in the last panel? x3 love it o3o


*snerk!* "I neva look back, darling, it distracts from the now!" ^_^ No, that's not Edna, but her style influenced the design. I was kinda going for a beatnic-type fashion sense and big, round, eye-obscuring glasses, so Edna kinda dropped in there! Harmony's not as awesomely boistrous as Edna, though.


hehe x3 yea, but she just looks like her sister or something but just in appearance

x3 <3


A good job, interested if your own website or something like that.


Thank you very much! And yes I do! The website is here:


i love this comic so far and so small and cute and tiny in this one


Thanks so much!


oh by the way das somepony need a hug


Skipping right on past the transformation, huh?

Interesting choice. Probably the right one since the prologue hinted that it was a protracted one and this way you can have flashbacks to the high-lights, but not what I expected.

I do like how our main managed to keep in touch with his/her friends and gone into hiding. Makes a lot of sense for such an nonthreatening new form, but I doubt the second bit is going to last one way or the other for dramatic reasons.


Mage robes aren't crossdressing for unicorn-like creatures! ^-^


#Page 3.

...Wait, what? The skip was large enough that the changed are THAT public?

Didn't see it coming, I must admit, but does seem like it would nip a lot of drama and tension in the bud. So I'm quite curious just where this is going.


rofl the new page on the final panel killed me XD is getting funnier now o3o


I wonder how Shine and Battu (from Red Equinox) would get along...


no tf here...


is in the previous chapter :o this is chapter 2 (you must watch it on chapter 1 if i'm right.) .


I love the part proving that the alicorn is post TG, as for the alicorn's mom... it's a very real reaction, mine still does that


Love this update. I'll probably say more on FA but I will say that your comic series is a wonderful series


Must be extremely awkward giving an exam to a unicorn?.


About the you would've drowned part... duhduh duhduh duhduh duh duhduh (5 4 3 2 1) BUBBLE!


finally new page after years xD


Define ‘normal’ ;)

Shine: *Unamused Alicorn Face* I’m sure.


growth plates?_?


Same question :P


The lines on some bones, the femur in particular, where the bone grows longer from during adolescence.

It means he's not fully grown yet, and that type of excessive physical labor could cause permanent damage to his body.


i see but yet is quiet confusing x-x maybe if he putted different word, may i would understand a lil or so. (or just a different thing to make it >-<)