Moonlight Paw TF by Spacecat

Moonlight Paw TF by

Date: 12/13/2017 Views: 22045 Favorites: 152 Comments: 9


a commission for my pal STSH

Himself, transforming into a werewolf, but he wanted the focus on this to be the hands turning into big freaky paws. I like drawing paws cause im weird and i like bone structures.

He's not actually in pain, he took a potion and he is making a werewolf movie. It sure beats CGI!


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You are in good company. I have always found the hand to paw change the most fascinating part of an anitomical transformation.

This is right up my alley. Well done, Spacecat.


YEAH! I love it! Cause with most vertebrates the hand/paw/flipper has very similar structures. So you can see humanity in the animal and the animal in the human. It reminds me that humans are animals too and we are pretty dang neat!


it makes me think about the beauty and the beast x3 but is cool o3o also if tough shes gonna have paws with moonlight texture like x3 (with stars or something :'3)


In my work I like it a lot, see more of work in some works.


I've always wondered how werewolves would still be able to do some human things if they lost their opposable thumbs like this... must be kind of annoying to instinctively try to move your thumbs only to realize that they're just stubs on the side of your arms now.

I guess that's why real dogs don't do human stuff lol


It depends on the werewolf design. Some werewolves are depicted as having humanoid hands with thumbs. I personally like werewolves with horrible useless hand paws, justtttttt enough humanity to make the wolf disturbing. Also running on all fours with thumbs would hurt, that's why great apes use thier knuckles a lot, or only run for a short bit.


Good actor, seeing as he can cry on demand since it's not actually painful :)


i want more like this :3