Aerobatics by Spacecat

Aerobatics by

Date: 1/8/2018 Views: 21795 Favorites: 148 Comments: 15

Ripped Clothing

A commission for morghus, where he is out one night for a stroll, and weirdness suddenly happens! I love bats so much. They are so awesome <3

I am open for commissions for these. If i'm full I can put you on a wait list and contact you when i'm ready :3


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so cool x3 also if wondering how did he know how to fly already? x3 also dat big wings tough xD


I'd say it was probably instinctual! I like to imagine that for TFs, the person knows afterwards how to be the creature they turned into, or they could accidentally die trying to run and stuff lol.


may he broke the 4th wall and that is how he knows how2fly already xD well, normally he would run for trying to fly but he dies on the floor XD like chicks o3o also despite to the big wings XD like is going to be 2heavy*Heavy: Heavy*4fly*Heavy: Flyyyinnng* (or 2heavy4hold? XD) lol

PS. just Heavy Weapons Guy can fly with giant new wings xD.


As an artist myself, you are literally the worst type of commenter. Comments on absolutely everything, obnoxious, hardly makes sense, never goes away— it's the worst. Congratulations.


Ikr he comments on literally almost every picture and most of it doesn't even have any sort of meaning or relevance


Ever read the Silverwing Trilogy? Evil owls, bats exiled from the light of day, crazy cannibal bats (Vampyrum Spectrum, the infamous Vampire Bats) hell-bent on destroying the world with the help of Cama's got one helluva story, and one helluva ending.


I didn't read the books but i did watch the cartoon when it came out as a wee one!


I prefer the books; even tho Goth's accent is more accurate in the show, he doesn't sound as evil with it :P

Does Griffin ever appear in the show? He's the son of Shade but only ever appeared in the third book.


Ahh, yay, he seems to be a were-fruit bat! Off to devour helpless melons or possibly grapes. The local farmers will be *furious.*

(Fruit bats are awesome. <3)


fruit bats have an important ecological role in that they spread fruit seeds far and wide and some even are pollinators. who knows, next year that same farmer finds more fruit trees and vines popping up all over the place!


Damn. A six-page full color comic bat tf was exactly what I needed to brighten up my night, and I didn't even know it. Fantastic work!


Thank you! Thank morghus cause he was kind enough to commission me for this lovely comic :3


And the night skies open for you... Let us hope he never has to go back. I think anyone of us was suddenly gifted wings would never want to return to the life on the ground


Aah, joy.


Happy to see a bat that’s pictured as being a good guy lol