Don't Look, I'm Changing! by Swatcher

Don't Look, I'm Changing! by

Date: 6/21/2011 Views: 10036 Favorites: 33 Comments: 9


Here's a portrait of my friend Flir about halfway to becoming a rubber lion. Unlike with Gryf, his transformation takes place in a whimsical land of bright colors.

This kinda transformation is very pleasant. His skin texture has changed, and his hair has solidified into a sculpted mass. Every time he wants to change a little more, all he has to do is clear his mind of any non-feline thoughts. Before long, he'll be romping about on all fours and staring longingly out of windows.

This pic is kinda short on context, I just like drawing shiny textures! What could cause someone to turn into a rubber lion?


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Looks like Lion King lol


Looks like Jay Leno!!


Paint?... No

Costumes?... No

Disney Movies?...MAYBE


This does absolutely nothing for me. I guess I could comment that the linework in this piece looks good especially if you have a thing for rubber, but overall it just makes me wish TransFur would revert back to not allowing inanimate TF's.


...good for you? Other people enjoy this kind of stuff though, so your negativity is useless.


Was anybody else thinking, like... "m-m-m-m-MAX HEADrooom-oom-oom!" XD


no soz soty


This is not my thing, but I am SERIOUSLY glad you post this stuff! Takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me think. When I look at my own preferences I think perhaps this is how bizarre they may be to other people. Your style is unique and very well matured and skillful, and (despite myself) powerful imagery. I would love to talk to you sometime about why colorful rubber and why carttoonish, and not in the "look at the bizarre animal behind the glass" sort of way, but more of "we are all in the same boat" kind of way. Please keep posting. You make this a better place. :)


I guess I can't complain that my art isn't powerful in the medium I choose to display it!