Strange Candy Revisited by Swatcher

Strange Candy Revisited by

Date: 10/30/2011 Views: 12581 Favorites: 62 Comments: 7


He thought it was a normal candy... until it started to turn him into a REAL werewolf!


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I love the colors of this. It's beautifully painted.


A real oddly colored one, too.

No! Don't bite! Or I'll make you try this pink bubblegum ball, too!


Heh. I might want to avoid this candy... Me and my fiance are doing a dual costume: simple enough, He's "player two" basically dressed up as a gamer geek, with an old NES controller, which is going to be plugged into me, while I wear a luigi costume. On that note, I've been considering doing a toon style tf similar to the clown tfs you seem fond of, of a human into one of the mario brothers. with the big nose, toon gloves, deformed body proportions, and colorful outfits, I think, done right, it would work well. Never tried such a TF though, so who knows if I'd do it right *shrugs*


Beautiful colors. Frightening teeth! The candy must be tasty though... I'd love some for Halloween.


WOW!!!!! This is one of the most awesome pictures I've ever seen!


Totally wish this was a sequences-- the old "Strange candy" sequence is one of my favourite things you've done.


Thank you for the kind words. ^^