The Nose Thief by Swatcher

The Nose Thief by

Date: 6/2/2010 Views: 15444 Favorites: 22 Comments: 17


When you steal Swatcher's nose... you gain all of his powers. You may, however, need to concentrate to avoid melting.


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I really like the style used for the rendering of this one as well as the staging. Out of curiousity, is the implication that the power drill on the ground was used to remove and then subsequently reatach the nose?


Probably a bolting thing used to restrain the dude


*ponders* my room mate has something of a similar idea in her works (though she sadly draws even less often than I do:p ) In a "toon town" style world with plains (IE "real") and toons, certain eccentric doctors offer "toon grafting". Think cybernetics, but with toon parts attached rather than robot parts, like a construction worker who grafts a toon gorilla arm after he loses his own in a work related accident. As you could imagine, such grafts can be both amazingly powerful, and exceedingly chaotic. The man loves hanging by his new arm now, added a steady diet of bananas to his meals, and has to watch that his arm doesn't occasionaly pick at nearby associates, looking for bugs (and cramming them in his mouth if found... Agh!!)


And oooo... I can feel the hate in your eyes there, disturbing how tangible it is, really O_o;


Definitely looks like a frame from a cartoon that would be *very* interesting to watch.... 7@=Q.


I think the power drill must have been for fastening him to the wall--note the metal binder things.


One content-policy issue though -- the actual transformation appears to be human-to-inanimate; no fur in the trans. Is it enough that the camera is focused on a spectating furry?


He's turning into a 'toon, silly!


*nods* Assimilation by said parts, resulting in transformation into said toon, is not unheard of, especially if the individual's inner self already synchs up well with the subject. So... If you want to steal your favorite part of your favorite toon, odds are the illustrated event above is going to occur. So... I see no problem with this pic:. If pressed, add a slight detail to the shadow illustrating growing ears.;>


It's beautiful!


If Swatcher's nose can be removed... *swipes it and washes it out in the sink* Maybe that'll stop his sniffling.


Looks like you have quite the security system for your powers. ;)


this is very cool, but what my favorite part is the portrayal of the perspective for some reason! very cool!


He may want to become a furry toon, but the story and picture suggests he isn't succeeding. If he does eventually muster the concentration to avoid becoming a non-furry puddle, that makes the story sadder for your avatar...


realy realy...crap and make's 0 sence to do with this site


SeaCigar- by the by, I like your ideas. May I borrow them, perchance, for a drawing?


wow, I din't know you nose was removable swatcher. But then again, since you're a tune, I suppose it is.