actaeon by Terrifel

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Date: 12/15/2004 Views: 21467 Favorites: 61 Comments: 12


An experiment with markers, featuring the least nude nude in the history of art--I was trying to depict Artemis as a divine being, illuminated from within. Sadly, she turned out looking like the Silver Surfer. I have so much to learn.


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Cheer up, she's a good looking Silver Surfer.


uh huh, perhaps she can be the silver surfers girlfriend :P

its all in good fun :)


Perhaps she'd look better without the black border, use shading rather than concrete lines to express her features (legs, bust, etc.)


Very nice indeed.


Scary thing was, it was less than a day ago I said to a friend, "Hey, there's a bunch of stories in Greek myths about people being turned to animals, how come hardly anyone does any of 'em but Circe?"

To which he replied, "Meh." Stupid lazy lizards...


Silver surfer was cool.


Dont be so hard on yourself! it looks great, i like it cause the pic is so vivid with color and has a well drawn background


actually, she is drawn rather tastefully I think.


I agree and disagree. Yes, you do need to learn a little more. But don't be discouraged! You have a nice form in your other works, and I'm sure it'll come though eventually. Sides, beats my lopsided stick figures : D


Aahhhh! I remember this myth! one of my favorites of course given it involves transformation. Never spy on a goddess bathing ^_.


Yea. good work. and well presented. Thanks


V.nice pic, good coloring. Actaeon looks great. (Maybe Artemis' secret superhero identity is the Silver Sister (booo!))

Next time you come to NYC I'll show you a 300-year old tapestry of the same scene hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (not as much TF action as yours, just a couple of little horns beginning to sprout from his forehead)... also, ever see a Japanese anime feature from the late 70's called "Winds of Change?" really cool Actaeon TF sequence in that.