cursssesss by Terrifel

cursssesss by

Date: 12/20/2004 Views: 21134 Favorites: 81 Comments: 4


Frustrated that the public access computer terminals at his workplace refuse to display any Transfur pages with the new website design, this fellow has transformed himself into a snake out of despair.


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new transfur terminal...snake...despair? you lost me ther--wait... oh i get it-wait no I don't AAAAHHH *turns into a smake* (sorry too mutch coffee today)


or maybe he was coding in python.


whohoo ,i love this kind of tf ,especialy when it's a snake tf ,the skin is really great


That'll teach him to goto Transfer when he's at work. :P Been watching your stuff from afar, and you're one of my fav artists ^_^