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Date: 5/23/2005 Views: 14784 Favorites: 23 Comments: 10


A scene from 'Lots,' a story by Charles Matthias (MatthiasRat), set in the TF-laden Metamor Keep story universe. > Click on Charles' homepage for his stories, and on the Metamor Keep Story Archive for others in the series.


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I can't find the story. But the image is nice.


Nice picture you have here.


Sorry for the confusion Osprey. I've edited the caption to link to MatthiasRat's site; the story can be found there but is not yet on the Story Archive list. The picture depicts a human knight being slowly transformed into a donkey mare as the Duke of Metamor, himself a horse morph, looks on anxiously.


Nice to see someone who illustrates Metamor Keep. and a nice pic!


not bad and i have read that one why this scene and not another?


"not bad and i have read that one why this scene and not another? "Presumably because it cranked his motor.Also MK is essentially a one author furry story universe with plenty of tried and true medievel competitors a author/artist can choose from.


Respectfully, I'll point out that if I hadn't read your comment, I'd have no idea a tf was taking place. It's a picture of two furries, one of them ill.


yea I was kinda wondering about that as well -- a nice piece, but a lil "iffy" for TransFur...


... but given the context, as laid out by the artist, I think it's fine.


Being the author of the story in question, I'd like to state that the transformation took about three days to complete, it came in brief fits, and was exceedingly painful. Terrifel exceeded my expectations with this pic. I'm overwhelmed with its sheer beauty, and am glad that others think so as well.