Gynosphinx Montage 1 by Tim-Kangaroo

Gynosphinx Montage 1 by

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Cursed Location
Forced Transformation
Gender Change - Male to Female

Some images inspired by a dream I had a while back.

In my dream I was exploring an ancient tomb and when I emerged I saw that I had become a sphinx! Specifically, a gyno-sphinx (i.e., a female sphinx, Grecian-style). As I recall, my first thought was, "I hope no one sees me!" And, of course, a group of people outside the tomb immediately saw me and started laughing at my predicament. I became enraged and tried to yell at them but I let out a loud roar, instead. This terrified the onlookers who immediately scattered. After that, I suddenly felt very powerful -- both physically and spiritually. It was quite a thrill. Sadly, the dream ended right about then. As in many dreams there are parts that you see and other parts you just "sense" or "know." The only parts of my Dream Sphinx body that I "saw" were my breasts and front paws. But I "knew" the rest of me was a lion and that I also had wings. Oddly enough, I didn't sense that I had a tail, though I'm pretty sure there was one back there.

The first image speculates on what might have happened when waking up from this dream. In the second, I'm enjoying my new wings. And the bottom one: I was semi-awake in bed one night a few weeks later and I sensed that I had once again become a sphinx. It was very vivid and I could "feel" my wings and lion paws. It was quite an experience!


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Sphinx with glasses. Very nice!


Thanks! I need my glasses to see, especially when I'm flying!


such a cute Sphinx o3o


Thanks! Glad you liked my sketches. I'll add more, soon!




Always nice to see more Sphinx


Thanks! Also nice to BE a sphinx! :)


I know =P


I see that from your gallery -- nice work!


My persona's a Sphinx, so I was just trying to be silly (and wasn't expecting to get a response). But I do love seeing others draw them <3 they don't tend to get much attention.


Beautiful, both the form and the dream!


Thank you!


They're all good poses, but the bottom one is really outstanding. It's got a weight to it; one can almost feel her body against the pillow.


Thanks for the compliment, Austin! I'm glad you liked the drawings, especially the one of my sleeping sphinx-self. I'm not happy with the way the wings turned out on that one so I might try re-drawing them. Stay tuned!


Yeah, the Internet needs more sphinxes. ("Sphinxen?")

Now I've got a hankering to revisit a character concept I came up with a while back...