Heeding the Call -w/prose- by TimidTabby

Heeding the Call -w/prose- by

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"I walk out to the field

Shedding my clothes

Gazing upon the full moon

My heart beats and skin burns madly

The fear of losing my humanity fades

As the aromatic air of the woodland night

And the call of the pack

Ease my frights and excites me.

I smile, baring my teeth

Feeling the canines grow to fangs,

My nails lengthening into tough, ivory claws,

The woodland darkness illuminated by the yellow glow of my eyes

My ears twitch as I feel the skin pull out into points

A short gasp escapes me

The last fragment of my humanity

Trying to hang on and force the beast back inside

Ironically I don't fight it

My will favoring the beast above the human

Growling wildly, chuckling, feeling no shame

I was born a wolf, so there is no need to reject it

My burning skin now itch

The pelt of the wolf growing fast

covering my frail skin

Even as it thickens the burn and itch ebb

leaving a comfort and blissful sensation

The need for a fellow Lupine to nuzzle

And rub our fur against each other

My hands grow long and massive

Taking the shape of irregular human paws,

My feet elongate and toes expand

Taking the shape of hind feet

My chest explodes

Barreling outward

My spine aches and cracks

Reshaping to fit a quadruped posture

My pelt thickens completely

Feeling the last of the changes

From head and tailbone

The last moments are the most enthralling

By allow my face mesh and reform

And the tailbone to sprout

I willingly give in to animal desires

The simplicity of a primal nature

Freeing myself of human restraints

I bare a snarling laugh as my muzzle

Pushes out, my new set of sharp teeth growing in,

My head held high to the moon as I drop to all fours

My new tail wagging excitedly.

The wolves call out once more

Calling their cousins to join them

I lift my head and howl proudly

Heeding the call

And I sprint into the woods to find my cousins

The wind blowing through my pelt

My heart beating fast in joy

Awaiting a wondrous night in the wild."


Slowly posting my old stuff; trying to not over-saturate...but I really want to fill my gallery XD

This Werewolf piece was done back in 2006 (11 years, wow) when I was starting to discover my hidden lupine potential. I did my best to make up a neat little poem/prose to go with it, hope it hasn't aged too badly.

Absolute thanks to everyone hear on Transfur that has been viewing my stuff. It's a spirit builder to see that my first few posts have garner such a high view count in only 1-2 days. And also thanks to those that fav and comment too. I can be a bit late or absent-minded in responding but I surely do appreciate it >^__^<