Favorable Cursed Relics by TimidTabby

Favorable Cursed Relics by

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Forced Transformation

"The need to be rid of my clothes immediately felt like an reaction to a deep rooted instinct, not simply needing to relieve my itchy skin against fabric or the heat fuming under them but because it felt wrong; unnatural. I needed to be naked, I needed to shed off human things gradually becoming distressed that I felt strange in this large hairless body. I drop onto the floor on my hands and knees, contorting and flexing my being urging to correct my shape; regain a primal form that I longed to return to despite never having felt this way before.

The totem's ruby eyes flash sensing the radiance of both its fiery stare mixed with the cool beams of the moonlight cascading from my window blanket behind me. My ears, tugging madly to stretch out from my head, can hear the faint yowls echoing within the room...again from behind. My panting maw trembles, my voice creaks and moans until I answer back meowing.

Suddenly; the pain stopped.

My body still riddled with wild activity; skin quickly developing a fuzz that slowly thickened into a soft velvet pelt covering my nudity, those ears along with my hands and feet plus my own spine and the nub forming below it starts to lengthen pulling my body into a more feral physique. My face aches with astounding pressure suddenly pushing out into a short feline muzzle, whiskers jutting from its upper snout growing fangs and a rough tongue. I'm changing, turning into a large cat.

And I love it.

The cursed relic the shopkeeper had warned me about was true, that being in its presence during a full moon would unleash its hidden power and subject those in its sights into become fellow felines of the night. I'm a little hazy on whether the curse lasted until morning...or never, but I can no longer care about the consequences. These animal urges of a cat, the lithe and feral body of a feline, the warm and soft fur that hides my humanity; it all feels so right. Perhaps to another buyer becoming a cat forcefully would not only be frightening but embarrassingly.

But this is why I bought the relic. I wanted this, dearly to my heart I dreamed for this moment. Me; the odd human out of most that desired the life and body of a common housecat, unbelievably obtaining his wish.

I mew and yowl joyfully as I stand up on my feline paws stretching my transformed body, looking to the idol and quietly thanking this powerful feline entity for converting me to its kind. I left the door open, eager to flee outside and venture into the neighborhood; to the parks and woods that I can roam for the night and experience firsthand the pleasures of being a beast...a domesticated beast at least. I will stay close to home afterall; to where my human friends can pamper me until the curse wears off...if it ever does that is."


While I'm trying to upload my older pieces first, I couldn't help but to showcase a latest one. It's actually a revision to an old sketch I made a long time ago that never got a chance to revisit until now. That old sketch should be with this post now too. Neat how I can do that :)

This is also one of the rarest cat tf's I've done in a while. Lately I've been stuck in wolf mode...which you'll all see eventually too. Just note...adult content approaching :P


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