Foxy Awakening -TF Gitfy- by TimidTabby

Foxy Awakening -TF Gitfy- by

Date: 7/16/2017 Views: 13649 Favorites: 42 Comments: 0

Forced Transformation

Up next on my slew of TF Sequences posting:

I don't do these too often unless I'm in a really creative mood or for very good friends...which was the case for this little Vulpine TF sequence here for one of my long time online buddies Wrathofautumn.

This is also loosely based off (in fact a somewhat mini sequel to) a TF story I did way back called "Exotic Awakenings" where a young man (the handsome looking devil with that cat tail) discovers an online website where people can watch sensual animal ladies being cutesy and sexy...and if enticed enough the ladies can coax their watchers into joining their side by letting loose their inner animal.

After Tabby experienced his revelation he offered his friend Wrath to take a private glance at the site to see what he thinks. The results...obviously found some foxy motivation to embrace his inner vulpine.

Originally meant to have one more page after the 4th but once again...I got lazy and forgot about it XD. The 5th page was a early concept sketch of what I was cooking up for this sequence.

Hope you all like!