Ready To Howl by TimidTabby

Ready To Howl by

Date: 8/9/2017 Views: 5901 Favorites: 26 Comments: 2

Forced Transformation

"The full moon tonight is just too big and bright to ignore.

It's shine upon me makes my skin crawl and blossom in heat

My body grows tense, trembling looking out my window

Restlessness and anxiousness runs in tandem throughout my being.

But it's ok; there's a strange sense of joy feeling out of control.

Alien; animal thoughts urge me to be wild

my tongue falls out of my mouth to pant

my nails dig into the Sill needing to tear

Wild, violent instincts; desires of a predator

Inhuman and frightening as they gradually escalate

But I continue to gaze at the pale orb unleashing this side

And I cannot help but smile amidst wincing pain.

I can feel my body twisting and contorting

bones popping, bending, lengthening

skin fuzzy with thick fur and hands stretched into monstrous paws

ears wiggle into points; face protrudes growing fangs and muzzle

I'm changing into a monster; into a wolf

and somehow I feel wonderful about it

Like a part of me that has been locked away

its cage finally broken and the beast eager to be free

Killer beast or neutral animal I do not know what I'll become

but I can no longer fight the animal surfacing, I don't want to

My humanity slips away drawing closer to my true form

The quiet night awoken by my jubilant howl."


Very little time to make a real story out of this so did a short prose. Couldn't wait until tomorrow to post; wanted to post something full moon related. Happy early Werewolf Wednesday again.

Also; I made this sketch during my artstream. If you are ever interested in wanting to watch me draw (even if on a crappy webcam) you can tune in or subscribe to my Picarto.TV channel of the same name (TimidTabby). I'll be doing my best to do these twice a week when I can, once at least my main goal.

Also also; the poster in the background is NOT DONE by me. Unfortunately; I wasn't able to locate the original post but if anyone recognize the artist please inform me so I can give credit and link. Couldn't help myself; AWIL theme is on my mind lately and that fanmade poster is very awesome.

FINAL Also: If you haven't heard yet I decided to start my own Patreon page. A bit empty as I don't know what to really put there, but if you are feeling tipsy and want to help me stay afloat for more future arts and stories you are absolutely welcome to. Again, same name for Patreon; link on my main page here too.


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fyi, patreon's really cruddy and your galleried/keywords confusing. I hope it all works out.


It's a good job, I like you. Never thought so much about the detail of the background.