Sergal Android Tf Tg by Tomek1000

Sergal Android Tf Tg by

Date: 12/29/2013 Views: 19700 Favorites: 85 Comments: 3

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Here is comic commision for :iconrobosergal: where he tf tg into his OC i must say its my moust detailed comic i put in it lot of work with shading and all other details as you can see comic got 10 panels (+1 mini one) i chosed to not do text but do comic without it coz i wanted do it waht way all will show expresion of body and face

Changes: color of eyes


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this does not look like a wolf imo

but interesting picture


there was no sergal folder and this sergals look for me like mutated wolfs XD


I do hope she enjoys her new robot form... and a lovely calm at the end. Thanks so much for doing this for her ^^