Refreshments by Toonexterminator

Refreshments by

Date: 2/19/2011 Views: 59086 Favorites: 331 Comments: 23


Commission for Tjlemket.

Simple Comic style of Two girls who take a drink of water and turn into mermaids at the gym.

Very quick coloring and shading.. someparts got away from me and logic behind this is poking my brain! But I think it came out alright...



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Wow I refreshed the page and saw that it was Juuuust being put together XD cool to refresh it and see how many people have seen it already


Nice. I like the coloring job - very vivid without searing out my eyeballs. Looks great. And their reactions to the change are fun. :)


You can be a fan of something without it being a fetish.


It says in not for him himself....


itself is not bad ideaslike me mermaids lot. but once but instead could use a merman Bind.


Reply to Last two comments: Huh? Holloween pants? Merman bind? o_O


I agree with vainstar, give the mermaids some femininity. I do like your art, but it can be improved with details..


I like these pieces: they have a clean, cartoonish look. I like coming back to this discussion almost as much, because people referring to deleted comments makes me feel like an archaeologist.


You're quite obsessed with Mermaids, aren't ya?


Eh, most artists have that "thing" they draw, nothing wrong with that. So Judge Doom likes mermaids, not like he'd be the first artist here who has a specialty.


More mermaids!!!


I like mermaids a lot, too, though it'd be nice to have some more details, like scales or so.


great, now you just made me scared of drinking water at the gym XD


Lol great piece hope they can swim :p


Sorry I'm bad English. but it would not hurt you draw an ever mermen.


It does take a certain type of person to be able to joke when your lower body turns, without warning, into that of a fish. Nice take, I'd say. Regarding th' other comments: not every picture needs to be (s)extremely detailed. This sequence is just fine as it is :)


I think its great. And I'm known for being a jerk. So that says it all. Good job! Detail is actually luscious with the style. What is with people?


Detail seems fine with the style.


I would like to go on note that my comment from before was a question, not a statement. Hense the "?" at the end. But besides the blow up of people, not bad artwork at all.


Awesome work, toonX! Are you on FA by chance, I'd love to watch you there!!


Great work!


lol i like how the one girl seems more bummed about not doing those lower leg workouts than not having legs


I'll provide them to do their lower leg workouts but the only problem is my pool is a topless pool if they refus they'll have a chomice either the topless dolphins tank on mounted on the wall or fed to the shark