I'm kinda new to making TF so my stuff is pretty vanilla. Hope people like it!


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Closed for new commissions

I'm open to most things! Shoot me a message here or on FA if you're interested. Prices are open to discussion but base prices are:

Single (mid-TF or TF result):

Lineart: $20

Color: $30

(+$10 extra character, +$10 basic background)

TF Sequence (really open to discussion, these are meant as guidelines)

Lineart: ~$15 per stage

Color: ~$20 per stage

(extra character and backgrounds depends on how many stages)

(If there’s more than 5 stages there’ll likely be a fair discount per stage)

I’ll do most things nsfw or otherwise (excluding some extreme fetish stuff). shoot me a message here, on my tumblr (shamogazebo) or at my FA (Verrest) if you’re interested!

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