Mutant Lobster TF by Vyper

Mutant Lobster TF by

Date: 4/28/2013 Views: 4378 Favorites: 10 Comments: 2

Forced Transformation

A very old rough sketch of a jock turning into some sort of mutant lobster thingy. Sorry about all the anatomical mistakes such as the walking legs under the body segment instead of the carapace etc. He's still in mid-TF, so I didn't include the full length of the antennae yet or the third set of maxillepeds as well as the swimmerets. And I wanted him to be sort of bipedal, so I decided to keep his legs. His lower mandible is still receding and he still has a few teeth left, as well as bulging humanish eyes that will become lobsterish and be placed on eye stalks later. Ooh, and I retained some scraps of his hair and a slightly distorted skull-like shape as well. I'd say he's around 75% changed into a giant lobster. >:P

Short story behind this sketch: An annoying jock insults a chef while dining in a high-class restaurant, claiming the lobster soup was tasteless and horrible. Incredibly angry chef retaliates by turning asaid jock into a mutant lobster as revenge - lesson learnt: do not insult the chef! He might just turn you into the next main course of his secret Friday special. >;P

P.S. My computer is in the factory, so I won't be able to upload my latest TFs until it returns, since all my files are saved on there. I currently have several of them in the works. :'(


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I like it. We don't see enough grotesque and horrifying mutants on this site. Bless your soul, kind sir.


Thank you, Jeller. And I'm actually a Miss. :P