A is for Ankylosaurus by Witchfiend

A is for Ankylosaurus by

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"Ms Anker, would you please stay on the path. We don't want you to get lost in the jungle."

Elise had not been paying attention, especially now she had her earphones in. So far this resort had been boring as hell, and she hadn't even seen a single dinosaur yet. For a resort they certainly needed more amusements: even with music blasting from her iPhone she could kill for a club.

Now off the beaten track, she could finally enjoy the music, drowning out the sound of nature around her. Somehow it didn't matter if she would see a dinosaur or not.

It was then as she stepped on a branch that she suddenly felt a strange numbness in her foot, as if she had been sitting down all this time and had caught pins-and-needles. Her feet felt tight in her shoes, and as she clumsily attempted to remove them she realised how stiff her hands had become. Exposed, her feet had certainly puffed up, though it seemed to have spread to her legs, that were straining against her tights. Everything was feeling tight, even her loose mini-dress, with plenty of pressure on her back.

She could not see the changes on her face, as bony plates formed over her forehead and nose, flattening it out. When her earphones fell out of her flattened ears, she could hear several simultaneous rips that tore away the back of her dress, while taking out chunks of her tights along the way. The shock was enough for her that she crushed the iPhone in her enormous hands, which were now more reminiscent of stubby claws.

Looking down in horror, she could only feel the weight of the heavy plates that she now had covering her enlarged back, and had it not been for her thick, tree-trunk like legs and new tail she would have surely fallen on her back.

Things started to feel dislocated, and Elise suddenly heard a voice. Slowly she turned to face it, still unused to her new weight and stiff limbs. She could not recognise the face, but she could see the uniform was one of the park staff. He smiled at her:

"There you are Elise, we were worried about you. We need to get you to your preserve."

She stumbled forward, almost tempted to get on all four legs as she let go of the tattered remains of her dress. The name Elise rang a bell, was that her name? She tried to pick through her memories, but nothing came to mind: it was all a haze. The man placed a reassuring hand on her back, his gentle voice resounding in her mind as something concrete, something she could cling too.

"There will be food there just for you. Then we'll get you tagged. We don't want you running off again…"


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.


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Yes, I'm very appreciative about this


Thanks! I'm glad you like it! >w<


Yay, very nice to see these here on Transfur.


Hehe thanks. I'm happy to be able to post on Transfur, especially since it was my first big introduction to tf art uwu/