E is for Eoceratops by Witchfiend

E is for Eoceratops by

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"The Dinosaurs will be great I'm sure, but really I'm just here to relax…"

Kaylei Ethans stretched out as if she was reaching for the sun, it's warmth feeling good on her exposed arms and legs. It felt good to be out of a business suit, and the tropical sun brought back fond memories of childhood. She had even changed into a pair of micro shorts and it would have been hard to believe that she was a high grade attorney for one of the biggest firms in New York.

"Oh come on now, the last case wasn't that bad…"

Beside her on the deck chairs was her protégée, a junior attorney called Cassandra Pace, who could be just as fiery in court as Kaylei. The two had even butted heads before, but against all odds they remained good friends. This was their second vacation together, and it had been Cassandra's idea to accept this offer at the resort: "Will you at least join me for one of the safari trips, it's going to be boring without you..."

"Sure, maybe tomorrow okay. Today I just want to get some healthy sun…" Kaylei replied as she waved off her friend. Cassandra only shrugged, leaving Kaylei to enjoy the sun.

A few moments passed, and Kaylei removed her sunglasses to look around the pool. It had been at least an hour since she and Cassandra had found it, but since then no one else had shown up. She was well aware that there were only a few other guests around. She had met several of them at the reception the night before. Surely they weren't all heading for the safari?

Now without Cassandra, she was feeling the isolation, but there was also a nagging feeling that she was being watched too. Much of the facilities were surrounded by jungle ferns and trees, and it was easy for her to imagine them as places for someone or something to hide.

When she was sick of the silence, she decided to put her mind at ease with a quick swim in the pool, after all it had been a couple of hours since she had eaten anyway. She had already got a swimsuit underneath so it wasn't going to be a problem to change, but she still found a cubicle that would be away from any prying eyes.

Removing her sandals she rubbed her feet that seemed strangely swollen. 'Perhaps they can do something about it in the spa' she thought to herself, the skin on her feet seeming awfully rough. Suddenly she was overcome with a strange dizzy sensation that made her hunch over in the cubicle. Her head felt like it was going to split, with a terrible headache that left her feeling shaky and cold. Then in an instant it was gone, and she pressed her hands up to her forehead to check her temperature.

That's when she felt the protrusions: two long horns that were pushing her fringe aside. She gripped one of them with her hand while the other reached the back of her head and noticed that something else had grown there too. That hand traced its way up something that was rough and bony. There were points on the tips and if she only had a mirror she would have been able to make it out as a crest of some kind.

Those changes however were just a momentary distraction from the rips that occurred across her top and shorts, as both were quickly reduced to tatters as she grew in size. Deep purple scales covered much of her body, while her limbs became thick and heavy. Her feet were barely recognisable, with thick nails covering short stubby toes, and her hands were little better. The last thing Kaylei remembered before passing out was the pain in her face as her beak formed.


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.