F is for Fukuisaurus by Witchfiend

F is for Fukuisaurus by

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"And that is how we have been able to extract more species of dinosaur then ever before."

Hisoka had smiled and nodded her way through the private lecture. It wasn't that she didn't have an interest in dinosaurs, but the sheer technical knowledge the park supervisor was throwing out went meant a lot of it went over her head, especially with her limited grasp of English. She had always been looking for opportunities to practice it more, though until recently she had not been able to go abroad at all.

Then she realised she had a chance to ask: "Do you…have any Japanese dinosaurs...?"

"You mean like the ones discovered in Japan? Actually yes, we're planning to bring a few of those back soon."

She smiled at that. Visiting the museum in her home town she would spend hours just looking at the fossils of those ancient reptiles, and now even as a college student they still kept her wonder. Her invitation to Jurassic Resort had indeed been a dream come true.

She was starting to wonder whether there would be chance to grab a snack soon. Perhaps all that concentrating had taken a lot out of her because now she felt her attention wander and a growl came from her stomach. She looked down in embarrassment, for it seemed the supervisor had caught it too. He couldn't help but grin: "Why don't we get lunch now? There's plenty more to see in this complex alone, and you'll want your strength when we go to the enclosures."

She nodded in agreement, wanting to reply but something about her jaw felt strangely stiff. It must be nerves, she thought to herself, especially when the supervisor was…

"No, I have a boyfriend!" she muttered to herself in Japanese, hoping the supervisor wouldn't understand. He seemed preoccupied with escorting her instead, looking around at the halls and checking his watch. He was rather attractive, she thought, he was probably only a few years older than her too, but she was sure she had seen a PhD on his nametag. She remembered how jealous her boyfriend had been when she had gotten the solo invitation, though she was finding it hard to remember his exact words.

It was then that her legs gave way and she fell onto the floor. Instantly the supervisor came to her side, putting a hand around her back and offering the other in support: "Are you feeling okay Ms Fukui?"

"Y-yes…I think I should be…" before she could finish a pain shot through her lower spine and spread upwards. She felt her breath become tighter as if something was pulling up her silk shirt from behind. She felt like she could hardly breath. Then came an instant sound of tearing and her breath stopped in shock. Both she and the supervisor turned over, and where his hand had been there was now a great ridge of flesh across her back that extended down from her neck, spreading her cheeks apart at her legs and extended beyond like the point of a cone. The weight on her back felt so strange, but nothing compared to the new extension of her spine that was swinging from side to side.

"It seems you have a beautiful new tail now…" the man said, looking back to Hisoka. The initial panic in his face had been replaced with a look of satisfaction, puzzling Hisoka all the more. She wanted to know what was going on, but then as she looked back at her tail she saw the green scales and could seem to instantly guess what was going on.

"I'm turning into a dinosaur…?" she could barely mouth the words, her jaw still feeling stiff, but as she felt her face with her hands she realised that her lips had hardened, growing out and merging with her nose into a hard shell. The skin around her face felt hard too but as she looked to her hands, she saw they too were covered in the same green scales as her back. She saw the nails on several fingers had grown out and thickened, while her thumb was losing its feeling completely as a thick black casing formed across it. It reminded her of a certain dinosaur she had seen long ago.

"You are going to be a wonderful Fukuisaurus…" the supervisor whispered in her ear.

She tried to stand up, using her weight to push him away, but as she strained to stand her shoes and her dress gave way, ripping apart to reveal her new muscular legs and digitigraded feet that would carry her new weight. Her top fell from her chest, exposing her naked form and the progression of the scales that were now all across her body. A sharp pain across her face made her close her eyes and she felt her mouth and cheeks push forward.

When she opened her eyes the world seemed suddenly different. Standing on her new legs, she was now taller than the supervisor.

"Can you hear me Hisoka?"

She craned her neck to one side before replying: "Yes…". She was almost tempted to say Hai, and there were other words at the tip of her new long tongue, but she couldn't say it. There was only the fog.

As if sensing her confusion, the supervisor approached her, and placed a hand on her break. She snorted, feeling the warm touch against her scaly flesh and somehow it felt good. As he did so, he moved around her, and once again he was able place an arm around her back, just as he had done with Hisoka the human. He would be the one to direct her to her new home.


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.