G is for Gallimimus by Witchfiend

G is for Gallimimus by

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At 9 am the tropical sun was already high in the sky, and Olivia Gallo was enjoying her morning run. She didn't seem to mind the humidity at all, the sweat was all part of the exercise, but it was nice to have some fresh unpolluted air for a change.

While everyone else was still enjoying breakfast, she alone was taking the time to keep up her exercise regime. It was nothing particularly special, just something to keep her healthy. Jogging was something she enjoyed, though she did miss the company of other joggers, if only to feel as if she was part of something bigger.

It didn't take her long to arrive at the edge of the facility where an enormous wire fence separated it from the huge safari. Resting by one of the gate posts she unwrapped an energy bar, one of the several she had found in her room this morning. They were complimentary apparently, and were a new energy bar that would be exclusive to the island. The words 'new formula' stood out and she checked the ingredients meticulously to find nothing wrong. Munching into the bar voraciously, she remembered that this would be her third one today, feeling hungrier than ever.

Running back, she suddenly came upon another set of doors, though she swore that before they had been open. Olivia furrowed her brow: perhaps she had taken a wrong turn? She looked back, noticing that another pair were open and decided that she needed to get out of sun, which was now beating down fiercely. This way seemed more shaded and she assumed it was just a circuit that they used when transporting animals.

"It's not like they would leave the doors open or anything…" she panted.

The energy bar seemed to do the trick though, and taking another swig of her water bottle she found herself jogging at full speed again. Her leg muscles seemed full of energy and her feet felt lighter than air. She was making great strides now, even as the path seemed to become uneven, the exhilaration of the run filled her with and more energy.

Even when she heard the rip she continued to run. Had it come from her legs, that seemed to be straining against her lycra leggings? Or was it further down, where the soles on her trainers started to flap. She caught a glimpse below and she felt for a moment her eyes were playing tricks on her. From the tips of her trainers, great claws had sprouted and torn through the fabric and plastic. Something was cushioning her feet, but she started to see with every step that they had grown in length, and as she tattered remains of her shoes fell they exposed a long bird-like foot.

She opened her mouth in shock ready to cry out, but was surprised instead when her tongue rolled out beyond her jaw as if it was suddenly too big for her mouth. Raising a hand up to feel it, she felt her long nails scratch lightly against her face, looking to them to see that they too had changed. Like her feet, they now seemed to resemble the talons of a bird, and she could see in detail how pale lilac scales were spreading across them, consuming her skin.

Finally she could take no more: she stopped in place, almost tipping over as she realised she didn't have a full grasp of her new anatomy. Yet when she thought she would fall forward, she found herself counterbalanced by her new appendage, a long thin tail covered in purple scales that had ripped the back side of her trousers.

Shaking her body in fright, her trousers finally gave way, leaving nothing but her sports top. Yet even there her skin had been replaced with scales, and the tight top suddenly felt more restrictive than ever. Scrabbling with her clawed hands, she was able to tear it free and breathe freely. That was when her face suddenly pushed forward, her nose and mouth becoming a thin muzzle.

As the pain washed away, she heard a loud thud as the nearby gates suddenly shut, and the Gallimimus girl's expression changed from one of terror to blank puzzlement. What was this place again? Who...?

She smelled the air, and suddenly she could distinguish a particular scent, something which translated in her brain as other Gallimimus, others like her. She needed to find them. She didn't want to be alone here...


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.