Eltirth The Gryphon Part One by Wrathofautumn

Eltirth The Gryphon Part One by

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I would post this as a sequence, but there is a story to it, which I can't do like I did before Transfur got all these renovations. I can make good use of the description now, though. :)

This is based on a dream that I had and it was a very vivid one, so I drew it!

Eltirith Stargazer was a proud Spellbreaker of Silvermoon City. He had been there when the Alliance abandoned Kael'thas and the Queldorei in their greatest need. He was there when Lor'themar Theron was made regent lord, and he would be there when Kael'thas would return once again to Silvermoon to lead the Sindorei.

One day, however, Eltirith received a letter from Ashenvale, written in the handwriting of someone who left him dearly discerned. Hopping aboard the next zeppelin to Kalimdor, he made his way into Ashenvale, where Nienor Windwalker was waiting for him.

Nienor was once his dear friend, but the two separated on negative terms following the Fall of Quel'thalas. Though both were Queldorei, Nienor did not blame the Alliance for the fall of Silvermoon. Eltirith ultimately chose to continue protecting his people, even if it meant turning his back on her. What would compel her to bring him here.

Nienor had long abandoned the arcane magics she'd grown up with to take on the disciplines of the druid. Something had taken a nest of gryphon eggs into the Emerald Dream. The only means to actually fix the matter was with arcane magic, which Nienor refused to touch. In a last resort, she went to Eltirith to help bring back the gryphon eggs.

At first, Eltirith refused. He had already risked much coming to see her. His own people needed him at this moment to prepare for Kael'thas's arrival. Minutes later, Nienor was able to soften his heart, and Eltirith made his way into the Emerald Dream.

The thieving monster was slain and the eggs were saved, but something had happened in the plane. The mixture of the strange arcane powers Eltirith had gained from Kael'thas's alliance with Illidan and the pure primal energy that made up the Emerald Dream reacted violently within his body, like a match being lit up in a methane gas room. He found himself taking on the aspects of some animal he couldn't identify, by the time he made it out of the Emerald Dream, he discovered that he was no longer running on two legs.


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Y didn't u make this a sequence


Oh never mind


My dad once asked me why the bloods elves aren't part of the alliance. And it turned out to be the humans fault