Mutant by Wrathofautumn

Mutant by

Date: 9/7/2007 Views: 20420 Favorites: 48 Comments: 5


Hehehe...this is the aftermath picture of what becomes of Jonas O'Rion. After waking up from the experimentations, he looks at himself in a pool and is horrified at what he sees, crawling into the wall, he just stares at his new body in silent terror.


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HA! Horrified?! He should be on his knees thanking who ever turned him into a fox! lol Nice work he should feel like the luckiest guy on ...what ever planet ( if it isnt earth or something iunno) lucky bastard ( compliment not an insult)


I second deerman - this guy doesn't know when he's onto a good thing :D


Deerman and Fishchipsque: Hehe, Project Resurrection wasn't intended for these humans to enjoy their new forms...they were modified only to be sacrificed. Every last one of the 60 mutants will be slaughtered in the end.


expression and overall pic is nice - can never have enough fox tf drawings =D


Don't you all just love the irony of that message on the wall: "You're Next!"