Learning to Cope by Wrathofautumn

Learning to Cope by

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Hmmm...crap...I think I made her too big...erm...anyways, this is a scene occurring later in the comic series. Though they find each other and reveal each other's information on what they found, Jonas finds himself unable to accept his new body. Sierra scolds him for being so childish, but then tries to comfort him. ^_^ They make a cute couple! :D Though...she's about 20 years older than him...which is kind of weird. *shudders*


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Why are they crying? I'd be the happiest person alive to be made into a feline or canine...


They want their humanity... and the fact they're gonna be killed must suck too.


I dunno, age is pretty immaterial at that point... Twenty years isn't much of a difference once you're an adult.


yea, its really only something imposed by culture


that is a really good picture....so much emotion....the momma kinda expresses me....


Ehhh, this is based off of his web comic so it makes a lot more sense if you read the comic. That kinda tells why he's crying and she's not "momma"