Moon of Blood by Wrathofautumn

Moon of Blood by

Date: 10/21/2007 Views: 20004 Favorites: 46 Comments: 15

Cursed Location

The dragon tf I posted earlier has now been colored! And now...behold as beneath a bloodstained moon and starlit night, within the ring of Stonehenge, how an occultist ritual long shall give birth to a god.


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OMG this is cool! Definite fave!


The angle of the face seems off...but otherwise, not bad. Thing is, are those multiple tails? On a dragon-type? Awkward...


when are you going to post more comics on Mutant 59??


Damn, that's really good! Thanks for sharing! ^^


Isn't really that sketchy, I think it's quite good! Plus, Multiple tails aren't that awkward, it just depends on how they're arranged. On an asian dragon, it could be, due to the way they join with the body, but on a more eastern-style dragon, not so much. Ferryn's got two, and it's not that awkward for her,


Snout is a bit off.... but otherwise, great pic :D


So what did he give you in return? A short story with the same plot as all the other stories he writes? Hun, you, like many other artists, have been suckered. He's done this to so many people. Begging for art trades and unsatisfied if you can't give him the greatest colored image you can give him. Then he won't talk to you AT ALL after that. Welcome to the "We Got Suckered By Were-chu" club. We have shirts. Here's yours. :(


Sweet work :D And ignore D-G. she had a fall out with me over the most stupidest thing ever


Actually he is actually the reason I stopped using IM, infact he's also the reason I stopped writing tf stories; he's slightly on the herassing and stalking side. If the story has too much depth and not enough violence he loses interest.


I agree with dragon-girl also - done some reading, seen some evidence. I love the tf, just not the subject matter


Hmm...well, in any case, I enjoyed doing this picture. I have an interest in dark stuff like occultism and whatnot. Heck, Silent Hill's one of my favorite games! X3 But if he's not satisfied with it, then he'll just have to...burn something. Cause I'm going to Oklacon tomorrow, BABEH!


Well, I have to put my piece in too. Were-Chu is always asking for art, and when you ask for something in return... yeah no.


My two cents... Why would you even WANT something in return from that guy? He did that to a good friend of mine and made my 'top ten avoid at all cost' list.


I'd suggest not doing it for a tf fanboy but for a higher purpose.Years ago I came across a website called Nichirens Coffeehouse,where they had a webpage on a dragon guardian named Shichimen(sitimen)Around that time Liger was taking requests so I ensured that Shichimen put her request in to.Hence Ligers dragon tf piece on this site was actually done for a 7 headed Japanese kami .


It's a blood moon! Watch out for demon eyes. (it's from Terraria.;D)