mephis request finished by Wrathofautumn

mephis request finished by

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FINISHED! request I did for Mephis and his mate, Shortnose! A clean tf of the two becoming their fursonas by eating cookies made by no one else but MOI! X3 And here I am leaning against the wall, munching on one and becoming my fursona while looking at the other two enjoying their changes. :D Hehe, notice the poster I got in the room. That is actually a photo I took at Oklacon '07. :3 But it sort of mocks the spam of the Goons. XD


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First Comment! (I've always wanted to say that. xD) But thanks a lot Wrath, I appreciate the artpiece. :3


your art is improving, I don't want to be mean or anything, but you should take a art anatomy class. It could greatly improve the realism of your drawings. But good work once again.


Forza: Oy, yeah I know. @.@ I took one when a long while back, but I never completed the course. I should do that again sometime soon though...but are there any cheaper alternatives?


You've got some raw talent here. There are some good books on anatomy--both human and animal--by Jack Hamm, if you don't already have them.


Again. Most awesome cookies in the history of ever. And that photo in the back is awesome. X3


GREAT it colored in crayon? your pictures are always among the best.


Steve: Cheapest alternatives that I've found are done in life or photographs. Even an internet google image searchs. You don't have the atmosphere of a life drawing class but it works for me. I also used to have local $5 drop in life drawing but I don't live close enough to that anymore. Ask some art stores near you to see if you can find some cheap drop-in life art in town as well. The $5 drop-in also didn't include lessons btw, it was strickly just time with a model to draw them in a group, generally for several hours.


Love it :D


I still want the recipe... :)


Cookies! Why have you lied to me?