Slime Snails Lizard Tails by Wrathofautumn

Slime Snails Lizard Tails by

Date: 2/22/2010 Views: 22492 Favorites: 61 Comments: 9


Hehe, this is another first TF for me! :D Yay for iguanas! This team made it to the final round but never made it past the guards. As such, they're getting a facelift amongst other things. Hehe, well that ends it for this TF Series, and it was sure fun while it lasted. Anyone who'd like a commission, check my artist account information. :3 For those of you just looking at this stuff, this is the sixth of Legends of the Hidden Temple TFs. Check my account for more of these. :-)


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Awesome, but I think you spelled 'losers' wrong... Unless you meant 'losters'... lol


doesnt make sence.. o.o


.. what's going on here? haha


love the art but whos the guy on the end and who is he tf-ing into? 7/10


forgot to say ment the guy on the left


Paddy123, Jackwolf, and Bloodgaloire: THis is another Legends of the Hidden Temple TF. . THese two players of the orange iguanas had made it to the final round, the temple run. Both of them, however, were caught by the temple guards and thrown into the backstage. As such they are subject to becoming lizards by olmec! :P THat guy in the fancy dress is one ofd the Temple Guards who's casting a spell. And the dude in the background is none other than kirk fogg. Make sense now?


Shadow Owl, yes I do realize that I mispelled Losers. I'll get around to fixing it when I can get to a photoshop program.


Thanks! sorry for the trouble iam remarking 7.5/10


Seems like shaman magic